The only thing I'll say about the election

So you’re voting, of course. The election is really important. Your vote—your voice—matters. But just as important—and perhaps even more so—is what you’re voting for every day.

Countless times a day, we all vote on really, truly important things.

For instance, every single time we consume any item, we’re voting. Our food, toothpaste, sheets, clothes, shampoo, toys,…

Six quick, easy steps for better sleep

Sleep is such an incredible tool for health and happiness, but in our culture and in these times it’s severely under-rated and has become a challenge for many. I’ve had lots of people tell me that they’re on the hunt for ideas to get better quality sleep, or that they wish they could make more time for bed.

In honor of the upcoming winter solstice, here are six quick and easy steps for better…

Sleep more for a healthier weight

There’s a strong connection between lack of adequate sleep and weight gain (and especially weight gain around the belly). Here’s an excerpt about that from my book “Take Care: The Sleep Guide.”

As the hours…

Boost your immunity with zzzs tips

One of the loveliest ways to protect yourself from getting sick is to snuggle up in bed and get more (and better quality) sleep.

A couple excerpts from my book, “Take Care: The Sleep Guide” talk a bit about why:

Sleep, especially deep sleep, is when your immune system kicks into high gear—rest is crucial for the immune system to function properly. One study showed that people…

The meaning behind movement

How do you react when you hear the word “exercise”? And what’s the reason you exercise? I chose the word “Movement” for my wellness book that will cover exercise and physical activity partly because I think movement carries a more positive tone and avoids the “shoulds” and guilt that are sometimes associated with exercise.

On my website, I talk a little more about my philosophy on wellness…

Ways of waking

How do you wake up in the morning? I think waking up more peacefully can really start your day off on a better note. Since most people use an alarm clock at some point or another, if not all week, I’ll share a couple ideas for a gentler wake up call.

First, there are clocks that make a pretty chime or gong. The sounds get progressively louder. This website, Now & Zen, has a few different…