The only thing I'll say about the election

So you’re voting, of course. The election is really important. Your vote—your voice—matters. But just as important—and perhaps even more so—is what you’re voting for every day.

Countless times a day, we all vote on really, truly important things.

For instance, every single time we consume any item, we’re voting. Our food, toothpaste, sheets, clothes, shampoo, toys,…

Change your home, improve your health, vote for a future on Earth

Research continues to mount linking the everyday chemicals used in consumer products to a wide range of health conditions, including ADHD, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. And consumers' choices about seemingly innocent products have contributed to the fact that indoor air is typically two to five times…

Getting gifts for kids? Tips for healthier, happier choices.

A spirit of giving is great. But a gift can be and do so much more when it not only brings joy but also makes a contribution toward a healthier, happier future for everyone.

I love to buy gifts that can go beyond an initial moment of excitement. Every time we spend money on anything, it’s an opportunity to vote for integrity. To be thoughtful in a deeper way. To choose a brighter future.…

Why mow when you can grow

If you were an alien, what would you be confused about? I’ll tell you the first thing I would be confused about: grass lawns.

Reporting back to home base: “Well, I have observed that these humans surround their homes with large swaths of an exact kind of green grass. This must be critical for people’s survival because they spend an awful lot of time, energy and money on it. They spend…

Ways of waking

How do you wake up in the morning? I think waking up more peacefully can really start your day off on a better note. Since most people use an alarm clock at some point or another, if not all week, I’ll share a couple ideas for a gentler wake up call.

First, there are clocks that make a pretty chime or gong. The sounds get progressively louder. This website, Now & Zen, has a few different…

Little boy's asthma disappeared with healthier home

I’d like to invite you to read Jennifer’s story from the Home Environment book. When Jennifer’s little boy was two, he was diagnosed with “suspected asthma,” put on an intensive medication and had to use a nebulizer.

Jennifer had started learning about the effect of everyday chemicals on health when she was dealing with…