The only thing I'll say about the election

So you’re voting, of course. The election is really important. Your vote—your voice—matters. But just as important—and perhaps even more so—is what you’re voting for every day.

Countless times a day, we all vote on really, truly important things.

For instance, every single time we consume any item, we’re voting. Our food, toothpaste, sheets, clothes, shampoo, toys,…

Save money on healthy snacks: nut and seed butters

I love nut and seed butters because 1. They taste great, 2. They provide protein and healthy fats, which are an important part of a balanced diet, 3. They’re rich in nutrients and 4. They’re an easy snack you can scoop out into a spoon and enjoy.

But they’re also expensive, and some have refined sugar or other not-so-healthy ingredients. We started making some of our own and found it’s super…

Bone broth: a trend that's worth its salt

Bone broth is one of those things that people ages ago intuitively knew to be healthy. That knowing is finally coming back, which is a very good thing. Consuming bone broth regularly is a great way to maintain or boost health and to help heal illness and states of dis-ease.

The health of your gut, or intestinal lining, plays a tremendous role in the rest of your physical and mental / emotional…

Fast and easy meal planning

I like to spend as little time and energy as possible thinking about what we’re going to eat during the week. At the same time, preparing healthy, wholesome, balanced meals is a high priority.

Our solution for meal planning has worked well for meeting both of those desires, so I’ll share it here as one option.

First, my husband and I sit down together every Sunday with our calendars…

Dear dark chocolate, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

Dark chocolate has so many awesome health benefits. First, let’s define “dark.” I think of it as chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa and only a very small amount of sugar or no sugar.

Milk chocolate, on the other hand, often has a lot of sugar (and milk ingredients, of course) and low cocoa content. My tastes have continually transitioned to where my preference is pure cocoa (like baking…

Save money, eat healthy

Last week I saved nearly $60 on my canned coconut milk—hooray! Here are a few more easy budget-friendly ideas so you can put more money toward healthier foods. Do you have any ideas to add?

-       Become a co-op member. Many of the best natural food stores are co-ops. Usually anyone can shop there, but if you pay a small fee to become a member, you get extra deals and you…

Truly healthy chicken, made easy, on a budget

Eating meat that has been raised healthily and humanely is really important to me. I only want to put things in my body that actually nourish and energize me. I also want to use my food dollars to vote for integrity and to support individuals and businesses that contribute to a better future for all of us. The short- and long-term health costs of cheap conventional, factory-farmed meat (which is…

Good food on the road

Our family travels often, and our trips are long enough we always need at least 1 – 3 meals on the road. We feel much better when we continue to eat clean food on our trips, so we always take some snacks and meals along.  Here are a few easy options:

-       Sugar snap peas (easiest veggie I can think of for the road)

-       Deli meat

-       Avocados (keep them on top to…