The only thing I'll say about the election

So you’re voting, of course. The election is really important. Your vote—your voice—matters. But just as important—and perhaps even more so—is what you’re voting for every day.

Countless times a day, we all vote on really, truly important things.

For instance, every single time we consume any item, we’re voting. Our food, toothpaste, sheets, clothes, shampoo, toys,…

Guide to safe, natural sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of those strange things where you think you’re doing the right thing by using it, but in fact most sunscreens contain harmful chemical ingredients. More natural sunscreens are coming into the market though, and the Environmental Working Group’s 2015 sunscreen guide is a great place to learn more and find some of the best brands:


The natural deodorant championships!

When I talk with people about healthier body care products, the most common question or barrier they have is about deodorant. People often tell me they’re on board with everything else but complain that their natural deodorant just isn’t cutting it.

I have many years of experience with all kinds of natural deodorants so I understand the downfalls! And, I am happy to report that I recently…

Six things to keep in mind on your health journey

I wrote this as a note to readers that begins each of the books in my wellness series, but I thought I'd share it here too:

1. Be empowered, not overwhelmed. Free, not worried. Inspired, not guilty. This information is here to serve you. A lot of things are outside our control, including experiences and choices from the past—so let them go. Focus on what is in…

Three ways to find a natural salon

I recently learned some new ways to find a natural / healthy / organic / green salon and wanted to share the tips. First, here’s some back story.

I’ve been interested in finding a natural salon for a while. Although many popular salons and hair treatments and products claim to be “natural,” they really fall short and still contain harmful ingredients. Finding a salon that is actually clean…

Mosquitoes be gone

Nobody wants to be bit by mosquitoes, but being doused in chemicals to keep them away doesn’t seem like a better option.

We’ve been using a cleaner variety of bug spray we bought from the co-op a while back, but I just learned about an even better choice from my mother-in-law. She found a recipe online, made up a batch and found it worked wonders at keeping those snippy bugs away during…

Great guide to safer sunscreens

Every year the Environmental Working Group puts out this great guide to safer sunscreens. Many (most?) suncreens are loaded with iffy ingredients, and some even contain ingredients that studies have shown can increase your risk for skin cancer! But today there are also many cleaner brands providing products that work. 

Check out the guide here:


More uses for coconut oil

For the last few years, the main moisturizer I’ve used on my face (and sometimes whole body) is plain coconut oil. I take a few scoops of the same coconut oil we use for baking and store it in a little glass jar in my bedroom to use on my skin.

Coconut oil (sometimes mixed with olive oil) is also our moisturizer of choice for our baby girl and little boy.…