50 + Ways to Manage Anxiety, for Kids and Adults


Anxiety is probably at an all-time high for the human collective. But even pre-pandemic, anxiety (and depression) were rising at an alarming rate, especially among teens and children. I see that as a sad confirmation that our cultural norms don’t support health or happiness. 

Societal issues aside, I also believe anxiety—like any…

Ring a bell for the human family

Here’s an invitation to ring a bell or make some music tonight (and on all Wednesdays) at 7 p.m. My friend Debbie started this beautiful idea last week to help feel more connected during this time. I enjoyed going out on our porch last week to make our music (in our case, shaking a windchime and hitting a pot lid with a spoon) for a few minutes. We listened for a moment to see if we could hear Debbie’s…

Three quick and easy ways to stay centered and calm anxiety

One of the best things we can focus on right now is keeping ourselves centered, staying present and working to curb our anxieties.

These three methods are all incredibly practical, simple and effective ways to calm our bodies and minds. I’ve used all three myself and have found they’re powerful for shifting unhelpful patterns in the body and mind. I’m…

Do you know someone with a chronic illness?

Do you know someone with a chronic illness? Have you had to watch someone you love (or yourself) struggle with physical, emotional or cognitive challenges that chip away at quality of life and potential? Do you wonder why it seems like so many people are getting sick and at younger and younger ages?

After more than a decade of research and reporting on health, I feel the state of our environment…

The No. 1 Health Issue of Our Time / "Save the Humans"

I believe the no. 1 health issue of our time is the environment.

When I say “the environment,” I’m referring to climate change, pollution, the chemicals we’re exposed to from our everyday consumer products and so on. 

I notice there’s some awareness that climate change and pollution are contributing to the rise in respiratory problems, such as asthma, allergies and COPD. 


Kids' media, kids' minds and hearts: Some resources

The messages we’re exposed to can play such an important role in how we view ourselves and our world. For children, what they see and hear is even more important—kids are forming their sense of self and ideas about what it means to be in this world.

Research shows without a doubt that media exposure to aggression (in movies or video games, etc) correlates with increased aggression in the…

The #1 health mistake of spring--please don't do this!

Spraying your lawn with pesticides, herbicides and the like is so damaging for everyone’s health in so many ways. The chemicals that are used in these products are toxic—no matter what the companies or regulators say. These chemicals harm our water, air and soil as well as our bodies and the bodies of all living creatures.

These chemicals seep into the water supply (and no, most are not…

A few things 15 - 20% of us could have used from the womb on (calling all sensitives and empaths!)

The resources below are truly MUST-READS for the 15 – 20 percent of us who are considered “highly sensitive” or “strong empaths” (and for anyone who takes care of children who have these traits).

These books are so helpful for putting things into a useful framework, increasing self-understanding and empowering people with practical tips and tools. I've found these resources to be tremendously…

Five simple ways to help prevent the flu

Give yourself the best chance against the flu, this year and every year, by doing some or all of these things daily:

1. ELDERBERRY. Research shows elderberry inhibits pathogenic bacteria and viruses, including the flu specifically. I’ve been using this recipe for elderberry syrup, which kids and grownups alike…

How to Stand For Love

Are you wondering HOW to stand for love? What to do in the face of discrimination and ignorance?

It seems we’re into some turbulence on the journey of human evolution, and the understanding that we are One Human Family, and the knowing that all living beings—the planet included—are interconnected.

So what we can do to help love win? Here are some ideas:

-       Make…

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