Why mow when you can grow

If you were an alien, what would you be confused about? I’ll tell you the first thing I would be confused about: grass lawns.

Reporting back to home base: “Well, I have observed that these humans surround their homes with large swaths of an exact kind of green grass. This must be critical for people’s survival because they spend an awful lot of time, energy and money on it. They spend…

The meaning behind movement

How do you react when you hear the word “exercise”? And what’s the reason you exercise? I chose the word “Movement” for my wellness book that will cover exercise and physical activity partly because I think movement carries a more positive tone and avoids the “shoulds” and guilt that are sometimes associated with exercise.

On my website, I talk a little more about my philosophy on wellness…

Medicine closet makeovers

Here are a few helpful resources that can help you naturally heal and soothe all sorts of everyday ailments: allergies, headaches, sore throats, ear infections, stress, rashes, colic, eczema, cramps, nausea, digestive issues…and the list goes on. I’m already looking forward to adding a “healing remedies” topic to my book series at some point.

 1. Wellness mama website (


Mosquitoes be gone

Nobody wants to be bit by mosquitoes, but being doused in chemicals to keep them away doesn’t seem like a better option.

We’ve been using a cleaner variety of bug spray we bought from the co-op a while back, but I just learned about an even better choice from my mother-in-law. She found a recipe online, made up a batch and found it worked wonders at keeping those snippy bugs away during…

Ways of waking

How do you wake up in the morning? I think waking up more peacefully can really start your day off on a better note. Since most people use an alarm clock at some point or another, if not all week, I’ll share a couple ideas for a gentler wake up call.

First, there are clocks that make a pretty chime or gong. The sounds get progressively louder. This website, Now & Zen, has a few different…

Good food on the road

Our family travels often, and our trips are long enough we always need at least 1 – 3 meals on the road. We feel much better when we continue to eat clean food on our trips, so we always take some snacks and meals along.  Here are a few easy options:

-       Sugar snap peas (easiest veggie I can think of for the road)

-       Deli meat

-       Avocados (keep them on top to…

Little boy's asthma disappeared with healthier home

I’d like to invite you to read Jennifer’s story from the Home Environment book. When Jennifer’s little boy was two, he was diagnosed with “suspected asthma,” put on an intensive medication and had to use a nebulizer.

Jennifer had started learning about the effect of everyday chemicals on health when she was dealing with…

Great guide to safer sunscreens

Every year the Environmental Working Group puts out this great guide to safer sunscreens. Many (most?) suncreens are loaded with iffy ingredients, and some even contain ingredients that studies have shown can increase your risk for skin cancer! But today there are also many cleaner brands providing products that work. 

Check out the guide here:


End-of-life lessons for life

A nurse caring for people who were dying noticed five common regrets as people looked back on their lives. I figure we can all use a reminder on these:

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  3. I wish I’d…

More uses for coconut oil

For the last few years, the main moisturizer I’ve used on my face (and sometimes whole body) is plain coconut oil. I take a few scoops of the same coconut oil we use for baking and store it in a little glass jar in my bedroom to use on my skin.

Coconut oil (sometimes mixed with olive oil) is also our moisturizer of choice for our baby girl and little boy.…

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