Six quick, easy steps for better sleep

Sleep is such an incredible tool for health and happiness, but in our culture and in these times it’s severely under-rated and has become a challenge for many. I’ve had lots of people tell me that they’re on the hunt for ideas to get better quality sleep, or that they wish they could make more time for bed.

In honor of the upcoming winter solstice, here are six quick and easy steps for better…

For your inspiration

If you’re ready for a dose of inspiration, or an uplifting new thought, or a refreshing laugh about serious things, or a new tool to help you remain sane and healthy, you must check out the “Life Gets Better Now” podcast with spiritual teacher Mary Hayes Grieco and her student Erin Warhol, a talented producer. See

Guide to safe, natural sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of those strange things where you think you’re doing the right thing by using it, but in fact most sunscreens contain harmful chemical ingredients. More natural sunscreens are coming into the market though, and the Environmental Working Group’s 2015 sunscreen guide is a great place to learn more and find some of the best brands:


Save money on healthy snacks: nut and seed butters

I love nut and seed butters because 1. They taste great, 2. They provide protein and healthy fats, which are an important part of a balanced diet, 3. They’re rich in nutrients and 4. They’re an easy snack you can scoop out into a spoon and enjoy.

But they’re also expensive, and some have refined sugar or other not-so-healthy ingredients. We started making some of our own and found it’s super…

The natural deodorant championships!

When I talk with people about healthier body care products, the most common question or barrier they have is about deodorant. People often tell me they’re on board with everything else but complain that their natural deodorant just isn’t cutting it.

I have many years of experience with all kinds of natural deodorants so I understand the downfalls! And, I am happy to report that I recently…

Bone broth: a trend that's worth its salt

Bone broth is one of those things that people ages ago intuitively knew to be healthy. That knowing is finally coming back, which is a very good thing. Consuming bone broth regularly is a great way to maintain or boost health and to help heal illness and states of dis-ease.

The health of your gut, or intestinal lining, plays a tremendous role in the rest of your physical and mental / emotional…

Sleep more for a healthier weight

There’s a strong connection between lack of adequate sleep and weight gain (and especially weight gain around the belly). Here’s an excerpt about that from my book “Take Care: The Sleep Guide.”

As the hours…

Fast and easy meal planning

I like to spend as little time and energy as possible thinking about what we’re going to eat during the week. At the same time, preparing healthy, wholesome, balanced meals is a high priority.

Our solution for meal planning has worked well for meeting both of those desires, so I’ll share it here as one option.

First, my husband and I sit down together every Sunday with our calendars…

Six things to keep in mind on your health journey

I wrote this as a note to readers that begins each of the books in my wellness series, but I thought I'd share it here too:

1. Be empowered, not overwhelmed. Free, not worried. Inspired, not guilty. This information is here to serve you. A lot of things are outside our control, including experiences and choices from the past—so let them go. Focus on what is in…

Tips for resolution fun

A new year is a natural time to reflect, renew and reset our lives. In today’s busy, fast-paced culture we don’t often set aside times for that, so it’s handy that the calendar builds in a time for pause.

Elizabeth Lewis (, a life coach and stress-management teacher who I interviewed for my books “Take…

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