Ring a bell for the human family

Here’s an invitation to ring a bell or make some music tonight (and on all Wednesdays) at 7 p.m. My friend Debbie started this beautiful idea last week to help feel more connected during this time. I enjoyed going out on our porch last week to make our music (in our case, shaking a windchime and hitting a pot lid with a spoon) for a few minutes. We listened for a moment to see if we could hear Debbie’s family down the way and wondered who else might be ringing their bells at the same time. 

I thought about how music is so powerful because it transcends property lines, transcends boundaries, even transcends words. Music is pure energy—a vibration that goes out and out and out—and can be felt in every human heart. 

It doesn’t matter your appearance, your race, your political views, your gender identification, your sexuality, your income, your religion, music has always been a part of what it means to be human. And so music can remind us that we’re all just wonderfully human after all. 

Despite all the labels and separations we create to define and describe ourselves, deep down we all want the same things: to be accepted and known and loved exactly as we are; to make a contribution using our particular and unique set of gifts and passions and callings; to feel safe; to have a meaningful connection with our authentic selves, with others and with God (or Spirit or whatever word feels natural to you).  

Music can remind us that we ARE all connected. Just like it’s hard to say exactly where the sound waves of a ringing bell go, we can never fully know what our intentions and thoughts and actions create or what they mean to someone else. I believe that COVID-19 (as devastating as it is and will be) will teach us more about our interconnectivity. And remind us that we all have a great capacity for kindness, generosity, compassion, patience, growth, strength, faith, resilience and love, even in trying times. 

So tell your friends, and join my family and Debbie’s (and who knows how many others) in ringing a bell to honor our humanness, our interconnectivity and all our brothers and sisters in our great big human family. 

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