Ring a bell for the human family

Here’s an invitation to ring a bell or make some music tonight (and on all Wednesdays) at 7 p.m. My friend Debbie started this beautiful idea last week to help feel more connected during this time. I enjoyed going out on our porch last week to make our music (in our case, shaking a windchime and hitting a pot lid with a spoon) for a few minutes. We listened for a moment to see if we could hear Debbie’s…

Three quick and easy ways to stay centered and calm anxiety

One of the best things we can focus on right now is keeping ourselves centered, staying present and working to curb our anxieties.

These three methods are all incredibly practical, simple and effective ways to calm our bodies and minds. I’ve used all three myself and have found they’re powerful for shifting unhelpful patterns in the body and mind. I’m…