Do you know someone with a chronic illness?

Do you know someone with a chronic illness? Have you had to watch someone you love (or yourself) struggle with physical, emotional or cognitive challenges that chip away at quality of life and potential? Do you wonder why it seems like so many people are getting sick and at younger and younger ages?

After more than a decade of research and reporting on health, I feel the state of our environment is playing a major role in illness, as I share in this article, "The no. 1 health issue of our time." 

We know for a fact that many everyday chemicals set off genetic changes that trigger the onset of disease (and even genetic changes that will show up in grandbabies and great-grandbabies). We know these chemicals cause cancer; weight gain and obesity; anxiety and depression; and behavioral and cognitive problems. The list goes on and on.

As consumers (and voters), whether we know it or not, we're making choices every single day that support the continued use and proliferation of those chemicals, and therefore the proliferation of illness. If we all challenge ourselves to continually choose better, then there's hope.

Climate change is rightly getting more attention, and extreme weather has more of us on edge. But the question is not, “Can we save the planet?” so much as the question is, “Can we save ourselves?”

Mother Earth will keep her position in the Universe, floating and spinning as a strong, graceful and beautiful blue and green sphere. We’re the ones who might not get to enjoy much more time on this planet. Either because an increasing number of us are suffering from chronic and mysterious illness or because extreme weather and climate change will get to the point that human life becomes unsustainable. 

I hope we are all humbled and inspired by the youth who are organizing and speaking up, including through the climate strike this Friday, Sept. 20. Let’s support them—their work is supporting ALL of us:

If you can, please take the time to read, “The no. 1 health issue of our time,” which lists some ways you can make simple choices to support and improve our health, our environment and our future. 

Aside from the state of our souls, I don't feel there's anything more important.

For more ideas, you can also check out my books, "The Body Care Guide" and "The Home Environment Guide" which share ways to create a healtheir future for all of us.


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