A few things 15 - 20% of us could have used from the womb on (calling all sensitives and empaths!)

The resources below are truly MUST-READS for the 15 – 20 percent of us who are considered “highly sensitive” or “strong empaths” (and for anyone who takes care of children who have these traits).

These books are so helpful for putting things into a useful framework, increasing self-understanding and empowering people with practical tips and tools. I've found these resources to be tremendously useful for myself and only wish I'd known about them earlier in life. 

First off, here’s a little more background on the common traits of a highly sensitive person: is more aware of subtleties; has a rich and complex inner life; is highly conscientious; needs more downtime, alone time and sleep; can sense others’ moods, subtle energy and that which is “invisible” to most people; is overwhelmed by too much input and stimulation or by being too busy or rushed; is deeply moved by beauty, nature and the arts; startles easily; avoids violent or upsetting movies, TV, music and news; feels emotions intensely; has a sensitive nervous system; needs to take extra care with their bodies; is highly creative.

Many of the descriptions above are taken from this quiz (where you can see where you fall on the sensitivity spectrum—not everyone has every trait) from expert Elaine Aron:

If this describes you (or a child you love), Elaine Aron’s tools are invaluable. See:

“The Highly Sensitive Person”

And “The Highly Sensitive Child” (this book should be attached to all highly sensitive babies at birth and should some day be required reading for all teachers, health care providers and all others who care for our little people!):

Another trait that often overlaps with a highly sensitive person is a being a strong empath. An empath: quickly reads others; can feel and absorb external moods, emotions and energy; needs lots of alone time; is a big dreamer, literally and figuratively; has keen and strong physical senses; has a sensitive body; is highly intuitive. Parents of empaths will really benefit from reading this book too.

The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People, by Judith Orloff:

Being highly sensitive or a strong empath can make living on this planet (especially in times like these!) more challenging. But people with these traits also have many amazing and beautiful gifts that the world is sorely in need of. That’s why it’s important for sensitives and empaths to know themselves and have these tools in order to blossom in the world. It’s all about being your best version of you.

As Elaine Aron points out in her book, throughout much of our past history, it was the most skilled highly sensitive people that royalty called on for insight, wisdom and intuitive guidance. Now we are at another time in history where insight, wisdom and intuition need to come back as front and center values. Spread the word!



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