The #1 health mistake of spring--please don't do this!

Spraying your lawn with pesticides, herbicides and the like is so damaging for everyone’s health in so many ways. The chemicals that are used in these products are toxic—no matter what the companies or regulators say. These chemicals harm our water, air and soil as well as our bodies and the bodies of all living creatures.

These chemicals seep into the water supply (and no, most are not…

A few things 15 - 20% of us could have used from the womb on (calling all sensitives and empaths!)

The resources below are truly MUST-READS for the 15 – 20 percent of us who are considered “highly sensitive” or “strong empaths” (and for anyone who takes care of children who have these traits).

These books are so helpful for putting things into a useful framework, increasing self-understanding and empowering people with practical tips and tools. I've found these resources to be tremendously…