How to Stand For Love

Are you wondering HOW to stand for love? What to do in the face of discrimination and ignorance?

It seems we’re into some turbulence on the journey of human evolution, and the understanding that we are One Human Family, and the knowing that all living beings—the planet included—are interconnected.

So what we can do to help love win? Here are some ideas:

-       Make inner work a top priority. Instead of pointing fingers, look in the mirror and see how you can continually grow as a person. Elevating your own heart and mind will help change other hearts and minds.

-       Make time for reflection and quiet every day. Find a practice, including prayer and meditation, that works for you and do it with discipline. This will help us stay centered, steady, strong and balanced, which is critical for working effectively with the big challenges the world is facing.

-       Act, with awareness. The world needs us to have the courage to stand up for and speak up for truth, justice, integrity and love in whatever ways we can. If you see a wrong and have any way to make it even a tiny bit more right, go do that. Have the courage to use your voice.

-       Refuse to be OK with messages that disrespect any group of humanity, whether based on race, gender, religion, nationality, sexuality, age, role, class or anything else. Popular culture is filled with degrading messages, some overt and others subtle. Take a closer look at what many popular magazines, TV shows, radio personalities, ads and even children’s books are suggesting. Understand that a willingness to watch off-color humor or violence supports it in some way and normalizes that which is not OK. Stop consuming those messages, with your eyes, your ears and your wallet.

-       Spread good messages outward. Make a sign for your yard (or get mine at, or tell your friends about helpful, uplifting resources. Messages of more hate and fear and division aren’t helping. It IS possible to be honest and powerful AND peaceful and loving in your communication and actions. We've seen some good examples of that recently and in our heroes throughout history.

 -       Never lose hope. You have a circle of influence in your daily life. Every sliver of positive change you can make there matters.

-       Praise the good you see. People, organizations and businesses that are doing good need to really support one another right now. Encourage others by expressing appreciation. That could be calling the mail carrier’s boss to commend her pleasant demeanor, or talking to the principal about the things you like about your child’s teacher, or giving money to that local businesswoman making positive changes in your community.

-       Be extra kind and extra generous. Even when you are strapped for time or money, you can always give a smile or hold a door for someone.

-       Remember your Mother Earth. From a health perspective, the research is crystal clear that we’ve been trashing the planet (and our food supply and our water supply and the air we breathe) and that has led to rising rates of many diseases. Stand for love of humanity’s future by making simple daily choices like buying local and organic, embracing minimalism and refusing to buy cheap plastic and other chemical-based products. Tell your elected representatives you care about the environment. More on this point here:,-improve-your-health,-support-a-future-on-earth/

-       Question everything. Think for yourself. Believe what feels true in your heart, not what you were told growing up or what your institution of choice believes or what “your people” say. Debate yourself about your own judgments and perspectives.

-       Be extra kind to yourself too. You can do the most for the world when you are at your best. See my earlier post about self-care:!/

And if you got through this long post, you deserve a big THANK YOU!

For more tips on happiness and health, see my 7-book series:

Once more: "If you assume that there is no hope, you guarantee that there will be no hope. If you assume there is an instinct for freedom, that there are opportunities to change things, then there is a possibility you may contribute to making a better world."  - NOAM CHOMSKY

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