The only thing I'll say about the election

So you’re voting, of course. The election is really important. Your vote—your voice—matters. But just as important—and perhaps even more so—is what you’re voting for every day.

Countless times a day, we all vote on really, truly important things.

For instance, every single time we consume any item, we’re voting. Our food, toothpaste, sheets, clothes, shampoo, toys, furniture, knick knacks, decorations, cleaning products—each purchase is a vote for something.

Think about the ingredients or materials, how something is grown or made and who or what is making it. Every purchase you make can be a vote for integrity, thoughtfulness and quality, and for something that’s made in a way that’s fair and respectful to workers, people and the planet.

Or it can be a vote for shortsighted business practices, irresponsible industries, throwaway products, greed, waste and chemicals that are damaging our air, water, soil and health.

For example, choosing to buy that organic apple from a local farmer is a vote for sustainable, clean farming practices. It’s a vote for the environment, for our health, for our neighbor’s health and for future generations. It’s a vote in support of people who understand the importance of the big picture and are running businesses that align with those values. It’s a vote “yes” for integrity.

Choosing the conventional apple is, unfortunately, a vote of support for farming practices that spew chemicals into our soil, water and air. Which is also a vote for more of the (long and growing list of) diseases and health conditions that are linked with chemical exposure. It’s a vote “yes” in support of industries that manufacture chemicals, and a “yes, please” to making even more of those chemicals.

The apple you vote for really matters.  

(It’s important to note here that we’re not striving for perfection with these daily choices, we’re striving for personal responsibility and personal progress. There’s nothing healthy about worrying and obsessing. But it is healthy—and it also brings happiness—to challenge ourselves make thoughtful, conscious choices as much as possible).

Every time we consume something with our eyes and ears we’re also voting. The radio, TV, social media, news media, movies, phones and magazines—they all put out messages, some strong and some subtle. Which do we want to support, for ourselves and the people around us?

We can vote for messages that carry a deeper truth and that are helpful, uplifting or inspiring. We can vote for messages that challenge us in the best way. Or, we can vote for messages that are superficial and that encourage comparison, materialism, gossip, violence, sexism, low self-esteem, fear, disrespect, judgment and a focus on image.

How we spend our time and energy on a daily basis—these are votes too, for what kind of lifestyle we want for ourselves, our families and our culture. We can vote to get swept away by the tide of a too-much, too-fast, too-busy, too-stressed society where life feels like a blur, a race or a grind. Or we can hold onto our own truths about how to live more authentic, balanced and intentional lives and work toward that in big and small ways.

Even the perspectives, thoughts and beliefs we hold onto and the words and actions we choose—those usually boil down to a vote for fear or a vote for love. Ask yourself regularly, “is this thought a vote for fear, or a vote for love?” 

These kinds of votes really matter, for you and ultimately for all of us. We have so many often-overlooked opportunities to make our voices heard every day. Collective change happens in our individual hearts, minds and actions. All our choices add up to something pivotal, something that will determine our future and all of our futures. So, may we all show up to vote for integrity and virtue, not just on Nov. 8, but every single day, a hundred times a day.

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