12 ways to reduce stress for kids (and adults)

These stress reduction tips below are just as relevant and helpful for every adult as they are for adults who care for children. We live in complex times and a fast-paced culture where reported stress levels continue to rise (along with the corresponding damage to our physical and mental health and emotional well-being).

A few of the health experts I've spoken with recently have said they believe balance is the most important health issue of our time. I agree. One of my favorite parenting experts, Dr. Laura Markham, recently came out with this post, listing 12 ways to protect our children from stress. But again, all of these tips can be applied to all adults too, so check it out on whether you have kids in your life or not.

For further detail on these topics and more about reducing and managing stress and creating more balance, see my book "Take Care: The Balance Guide."

For more parenting tips, see my post sharing three of my favorite parenting resources.

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