Take Care

Take Care is a book series covering food, movement, body care products, home environment, sleep, balance and spirit. The books are comprehensive yet quick and easy to read. They’re filled with hundreds of practical tips, steps, solutions and ideas to make your wellness journey easier and more enjoyable. On this site you’ll also find free information on all seven book topics. I hope your visit here is:


With help from a group of health professionals, I’ll show you how everyday choices affect your health and happiness. You’ll learn the scientific reasons for and the benefits of making simple improvements in your daily life. Awareness is the first step toward living more consciously.


Take Care provides a how-to guide for the aspects of wellness you can influence—because a lot are within your control. You can pick and choose from the practical steps and resources I offer as you move to deeper levels of well-being. These options allow you to begin wherever you are today and strike the balance that’s right for you.


Once you know more about why everyday lifestyle choices matter and you know how to make progress easily, you’ll be energized to continually make your life healthier, happier and easier.

Thanks for stopping by. And take care.


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